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Golem: Centre point for all touristic locations in Albania

Surely, Golem is the perfect destination for a Holiday in Albania. The touristic destination is located along the coastline in Central Albania. This allows tourists to be no more that a 3 hour drive from each end of Albania. Definitely, tourists can explore all corners of the country! 
Travel to the Northern mountains and visit Theth, Skodra Lake, Valbona National Park and snowy Lura. 
Or travel South to the old cities of Berat, Gijrokaster and Butrint, or the summer paradises Dhërmi, Sarandë, and Ksamil. 
These destinations can be made a day trip from Golem! 



Golem is a small beautiful touristic destination. In summer, its population multiplies, because many tourists, especially nationals, spend the summer there. However, its popular aspects are the boulevard, the beach, and the restaurants. There aren’t any old monuments or historic landmarks in Golem. For those who love history and you don’t want to spend 3 hours time for visiting the aforementioned places, you can visit other landmarks in just a short drive away. Drive 20 minutes North and you can visit the beautiful Venetian Castle in Durrës. Drive 30 minutes South and explore the stunning Fortress of Bashtovë. Golem makes the perfect centre point to visit all the touristic locations.

Certainly, Golem has a wonderful sandy beach. The water remains shallow, far out from the beach, almost like a giant swimming pool. Perfect for families and small children. In the summer, there are lots of aquatic sports available on the beach such as jet skiing, speedboating, para-gliding, snorkelling, etc.
The Boulevard in Golem is an incredible place to walk up and down in the summer. Along the 650 meter walkway you’ll find lots of beach bars, cafes, restaurants, games, fairground rides, ice cream, etc. It really comes alive at night time!

Golem Boulevard

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Author Roseanna Milburn (Holiday Albania)

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