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About us

About Voyagers Voice Magazine

Voyagers Voice is a digital travel magazine focused in particular on art and culture. The authors are firstly passionate travellers from all over the world. They are also true experts of local culture, with a deep knowledge of the artistic heritage of the country they write about. The magazine aims above all to share an authentic knowledge of places and cultures. From the best-known places to the most remote corners of the earth.

about Voyagers Voice
about Voyagers Voice

Finally, we promote sustainable and responsible travel. In the first place, respecting the environment and other cultures. Moreover, we believe in a world without architectural and cultural barriers. With this in mind, we are also committed to promoting awareness campaigns. Such as initiatives aimed at supporting and improving the accessibility of places and transport.

About Voyagers Voice's founders

Voyagers Voice is a co-creation among Italia Straniera, Food and Travel, Gd travel and Bontryp. Our mission is in short to promote and connect travel companies and travel bloggers. With this intention we started Voyagers Voice. Visit our websites in the following list for further information.

marco geri & a. heredia

Bontryp is a different way to discover travel deals all over the world. They don’t sell travel offers. They just help you to get the best deal to suit your needs. In conclusion, they provide economic options for travel.

antonis Tsapepas

A website for people who want to travel and taste new things. Traveling is a way to escape, learn, discover unforgettable places, meet interesting people and try gastronomy from all over the world.

gary davis

Useful travel news, views and special features on all things travel-stay up-to-date with all the latest travel news and information, especially during these times in an ever-changing world of travel.

giulia carosi

Travel, art and culture blog with news and insights about the most suggestive and least known places in Italy: hidden masterpieces, forgotten monuments, finds unearthed and rediscovered sites.