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About Voyagers Voice Magazine

Voyagers Voice is a digital travel magazine with diverse writers focused on history, heritage, art and culture.

The magazine aims to share an authentic knowledge of places and cultures, from the best-known sites to the most remote corners of the earth. We also promote sustainable and responsible travel. In the first place, we respect the environment and other cultures.

about Voyagers Voice
about Voyagers Voice

Moreover, we believe in a world without architectural and cultural barriers. With this in mind, we are also committed to promoting awareness campaigns.

About Voyagers Voice's founders

Voyagers Voice is a co-creation between Antonis Tsapepas and Shebs Alom. Our mission is simple; we want to be regarded as one of the world’s most renowned independent travel magazines with a diverse group of writers from around the world.


antonis Tsapepas

Design Editor

Shebs Alom

shebs alom

Editor & Commercial officer