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California Dreaming

Some of the most interesting places to visit in California

Talking about California is like talking about the cinema, music, good wine, beaches and many other interesting things.

There’s so much to see in terms of wildlife, nature and interesting landscapes in California, but if you are a a huge fan of the ocean and beaches, California will not disappoint you, with some really charming places.

California Coast

Venice Beach in California

Venice Beach is a district of Los Angeles. It has a lot of character and truly embodies the southern California feel. You see everything from beach volleyball, yoga classes, skateboarders, surfers, cyclists, unicycles, roller-skates, rollerblades and people dressed up as any imaginable character!  It’s a little world of its own with a wild look and feel. Bubble blowers, entertainers, psychics, healers, weed shops, restaurants, artists…. It’s one of those places you have to experience to really understand it. 

Art in Venice Beach California


Laguna is a small seaside town, just one hour from Los Angeles. It’s inspiring to go to Laguna to catch the beach vibe. Lots of beach volleyball, frisbees and plenty of beach bodies enjoying the day. Laguna’s vibe is artistic, and very becoming. Laguna is world-famous as an artist community worth visiting and enjoying. 

San Francisco

San Francisco is a city in northern California, famous for Alcatraz Island, the old and beautiful cable cars, plenty of interesting museums and of course the world-known Golden Gate Bridge, where you can find humpback whales nder the bridge. See the video by Dave Kubrak 

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Morro Bay & Monterrey Bay in California

Morro Bay is a small city around three hours south of San Jose. The outcrop of rocks and the land near the water make this location an interesting and relaxing place.

Monterrey Bay is a bay between Monterrey and Santa Cruz. Monterrey is famous for its jazz festival. The Bay is another amazing spot especially for travellers who love watching kite surfing!

You’d never get bored of seeing them and you could stare at them all day in wonder. People practice this sport during every month of the year.

Although the water was quite freezing at the time of the photo shoot, the amazing kite surfers seemed to have strong resistance to cold and wind.

Santa Cruz & Menlo Park

Surfing Museum in Santa Cruz California

Santa Cruz and surfing are like chocolate and strawberries. They go hand in hand. Complete with surfing museum, this charming little city is a favourite city for most of travellers who visit northern California.

Farmers Market in Menlo Park: Menlo Park is a small city just half an hour away from San Francisco. There are few nice parks, but one of the most interesting and quiet is Sharon Park, which has a beautiful lake and many green areas, in Menlo Park there are many farmers markets with fresh, organic produce. For vegans, it is a literal paradise, with plenty of fresh and interesting veggetables and fruit, where you can also find fascinating people and musicians.

However, if you would like to read more articles about culture or art, you can look at our blog.

Author: Suzanne Daley

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