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Top tourist spots in the harbour area of Sydney

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales territory in Australia. It lies on the southeastern coast of the island country. Sydney is a popular tourist destination. Roughly 1.8 million tourists visited the metropolis as of August 2022. The city is a thriving economic hub and attracts visitors for fun and business purposes alike.

Sydney has a multi-ethnic population and is very welcoming. A typical trendy metropolitan city, Sydney has tourist attractions of all hues. There are numerous beaches, tall skyscrapers, historical places and museums. There is a lot to explore in shopping food and dining at most of the happening spots such as the Darling Harbour. Tourists can visit the place all year round barring the summer season.

Sydney Opera House
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The Sydney Harbour Bridge Venture

A dominating part of the city is the harbour bridge flanked by the majestic Opera House. As one descends on an aeroplane over Sydney, the most eye-catching building and structures to note are the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The entire city revolves around the harbour area. There are numerous bays and creeks around this harbour. The bridge is the most identifiable structure here. It is a steel arch bridge of great repute. A tour of Sydney cannot be completed without a complete exploration of this harbour bridge area.

So, what are the options to explore this iconic and happening locale in Sydney?

  • One way is to climb up to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is a tourist attraction for sure. There are tours conducted with guided support for the climb. The Ultimate climb takes about 3 hours or more from the South side to the North and vice-versa. It takes you to the last ring atop the arch. Enjoy the panoramic view of the entire harbour area from this high-perched position. There are tours for tourists at dawn, day, dusk and night times. Do not miss out on this adventure to explore the iconic structure.

  • The second way to explore this place is the Sydney Harbour Cruise. This is a wonderful way to have some fun and see the most iconic structures as you move along this main tourist hub in Sydney. There are several operators for the Sydney Harbour Cruise. The cruises last for about an hour to one and a half hours. The Darling Harbour or Circular Quay is the origin point of most of these cruises.

Tourists can enjoy the Sydney Harbour Cruise from the open deck area with comfortable seating. The live commentary by the guide helps everyone to spot the most-iconic places that come along the way. The Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Taronga Zoo and Watson’s Bay are a few notable ones. Know about the history of these places and find out about some interesting beaches and spots. Tourists can avail of the Sydney Harbour Cruise at daytime over lunch, night time cruise over dinner spread or enjoy it exclusively in a private cruise on special occasions. This is a great way to explore this thriving locale in Sydney.

  • The other options to explore the Harbour region are ferry rides, jet boat rides and kayaking for the more adventurous souls.

Sydney Bridge
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Exploration of the Underwater World In Sydney

The Harbour Bridge region is synonymous with the Sydney skyline. The Sydney Aquarium is another must-visit spot for all tourists in the Darling Harbour region. The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is a well-known place open to the public. Australia is known for its unique fauna. This is true for aquatic creatures as well. The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium has 700 species typical to Australian waters. There are about 13000 individual fish and sea animals displayed here. There are dugongs, sharks, tropical fishes, penguins, and stingrays among many more.

The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium showcases aquatic life from Australia’s north and south ocean regions, rivers and other waterways. There are 14 themed zones in the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. The Discovery Rockpool, Jurassic Seas, Great Barrier Reef and Shark Walk are a few of them.

It has two large oceanariums namely Shark Valley and Dugong Islands. It has a great collection of different varieties of sharks such as Lemon Sharks, Grey Nurse Sharks and so on. Experience an immersive feel in the 24-hour duration of the Great Barrier Reef through the Night and Day Reef Exhibition. This is a truly educational and entertaining tour to know the teeming variety of aquatic creatures on this island continent.

View of the city
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Other Exciting Things to Do at the Darling Harbour

The Darling Harbour is on the western side of Sydney’s Central area. It is a tourist attraction like none other. There are several adventure spots and attractions lined up here for visitors. It is a family entertainment package together in one spot. There are shops and walkways and restaurants in plenty here to enjoy the waterfront view of Sydney exclusively.

  • Enjoy a Ferris wheel ride 35 meters above in fully covered pods to enjoy the panoramic view overlooking this place.

  • The Cockle Bay and The King Street Wharf are popular restaurants that buzz in the evening with lights and thriving activities.

  • This popular harbour spot in Sydney is a museum hub. It has the Australian National Maritime Museum. Visit it to know about Australia’s seafaring ventures in the past. There are models of naval ships, submarines and destroyers in this place for you to explore the adventures at sea.

  • The Wildlife Sydney Zoo here allows people to get closer to the Koala bear and click cute photos. Visit some scary creatures on the island such as snakes, crocodiles and Tasmanian devils.

  • Madame Tussaud’s Sydney is an interesting place to see some life-life exhibits of famous personalities. Pose with these figures and click memorable pics with them. You get to see idols of movie stars, musicians, Australian historical characters, world leaders and more.

Sydney has some marvellous places to visit. Pick and plan well to make the best of your much-awaited trip.

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Author: Karan Arora (Trillophilia).

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