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Technology and Labor shortages of the Tourism industry

The beginning of 2022 isn’t starting well for many countries, Especially in France and UK, for example, with the highest levels of contamination in Europe. It then seems hard to believe that we are in a recovery phase for the tourism industry. However, at some point, travellers become impatient and want to make up for the lost time. Therefore, many forecasts are announcing a busy summer 2022 for tourism. Many reservations are already being made for Turkey, Croatia… and other sunny and accessible destinations.

Are destinations ready for this rebounce?
According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, around 62 million travel-related jobs were lost in 2020. People must have found other sectors of activities to work in because of the uncertainty around tourism. For instance, Italy is now struggling and these vacancies could become real threats to the tourism industry in the country.
But now, how will the destinations be able to fill the gap left during the crisis? And do they really want to fill the gap if there is so much risk involved? After all, we like to be optimistic. But in the light of experience of the past year, it is hard to plan and forecast a full-recovery this year. With all the strict regulations still going on, and variants appearing every once in a while…

Technology in Tourism indurstry

Technological device in Tourism industry

Technology and innovation to support the industry shift?

Then, one solution that many tourism companies explored is to invest in New Technologies. It applies for customer support, bookings, apps for health with all the required documents uploaded for faster checks, or apps for cruise information instead of having to gather the passengers, and even more innovative innovations used with AI like room service by robots!
So why not helping your tour guides keeping their distance, avoid hand-to-hand transfers, save time by not having to sanitise all the audio guides before each tour. it is a great cost-saving asset for the restart. And of course, at Guiding-Group we help you with finding the right solution for your business. We support you for the restart that might become overwhelming if not well-prepared!

Last technology in Tourism industry

Device for multilingual tours

In concrete, how such an implementation can be done in your company/ for your tours?

You receive the device that you chose for your tours (live transmission, pre-recorded audio content, tailormade apps for self-guided tours…) directly at your place. For the preparation/ training, we can do it online. We can do it in person, if the regulations allow us to do so. In just 30 minutes, you will be able to understand everything and use any technology easily.
You prepare your tours by advising your guests to download the app at home. Sometimes it’s even easier when there is no app download required and everything is browser based! Check your equipment before (full-battery for a whole day of tour guiding)…

Then when the tour starts, you will need two minutes to check that everybody is connected and ready to start. Start your tour, walk around the city by keeping your distance because the range is really large for groups up to 100 persons and with very low latency
Once the tour is over, you just have to switch-off the device.

Tecnological aparat in Tourism industry

Technological device for multilingual tours

And for all that how many people are required for the whole maintenance? Only one guide! Because you don’t need someone to clean the whisper systems anymore. You don’t need anyone to store and transport the third-party devices. No one will have to turn on or explain to everyone how the radio works because they know how to use their phones. if you thought about creating your app you won’t need any engineer or developer in your team. We take care of all that for you! The guide will only have to do its original job while just being responsible of one small device.

Multilingual tours at the same time!

Even better: there are not so many tourists visiting you right now, but you need to organise different tours in different languages: 1 tour with 2 French people, another tour in German for 4 people, and another tour in Italian for 3 people… You will have to schedule 3 different visits for the same itinerary but in different languages. English is not spoken by everyone! With new technologies you won’t need 3 guides. You won’t need to spend your whole day making visits. You will make the tour in the language you choose. Then you can upload any multilingual pre-recorded multimedia content on your app or browser and all the tourists will be able to follow the tour with you at once.

Tour in the city

Tour in the city

The labour shortage in Tourism industry is a long-term threat so let’s be proactive

Working within the tourism industry is not an easy task with irregular hours, full-days of work during peak season and now uncertainty… That’s why companies have to help the employees to have a better pace, better working environment, starting maybe by redesigning the existing jobs and missions and offer service processes that might be more standardised and assisted with innovation; if they want to survive the upcoming restart.

The labour-force is yet not very enthusiastic when being asked to go back to their pre-pandemic jobs and it is not forecasted to go any better according to the WTTC. That’s why we want to help you with new opportunities that could benefit to all different organisations, whether it is for Tour operators, Ocean Cruises, River Cruises, Museums, Congresses… etc

In short, if you want to know more about travel and technology, click on Guiding Group.

However, if you wnat to know more about culture or art of any country, look at our Blog. 

Author: Estelle Chupeau (Guiding Group)

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