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Travel across three continents

The second issue of Voyagers Voice Magazine is out. You will discover art and culture of Spain, India, California, Latin America and United Kingdom.

Find out the new contents of our travel experts. Browse and download the second issue of Voyagers Voice for free on the Home Page.

Second issue of Voyagers Voice

While some countries have finally opened their borders to allow tourists to enter, others are still closed hoping to reduce Covid-19 counts by the summer. Meanwhile, Voyagers Voice, an online magazine born during of the pandemic, allows readers from all countries to travel at least with their imagination. In this second issue just published, we lead you to discover the artistic and cultural heritage and the festivities of some fascinating countries on three continents.

On this journey through Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America, local art experts and guides who live and deeply know the culture of their country will accompany you. To begin with, Trípode De Viaje, a couple of tireless Spanish travellers, will take you along a historical excursus of Spanish art. In the article you will pass from prehistory to the modern age, passing through the domination of the Romans, Visigoths and Arabs, who left profound influences in art and architecture of Spain, without neglecting flamenco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010.

Festival of joy and happiness

Photo credit: Rita Willaert

The Gypsy Chiring, a travel blogger from Assam, a verdant region in north-east India, will tell you about the Bihu Festival, the most important festival in his region. It is a festival linked to agriculture that is celebrated in three periods of the year. In mid-April the festivities of the Rongali Bihu, the spring festival, take place with young people celebrating the Assamese new year with traditional dances and songs. Kati Bihu and Magh Bihu are held in October and January, respectively. Download the latest issue of Voyagers Voice for free to find out more.

Dreaming California

Photo credit: Mike Fox

Suzanne Daley, our American author from TaoWander, will make you dream of California by taking you to her favourite places. Venice Beach, Laguna, San Francisco and Morro Bay are some of these. Not just beaches, but also small towns. Vibrant arts communities and music festivals, such as the Monterey Bay Jazz Festival, have sprung up in some of these cities.

Central and South America

Golden Museum
Photo credit: Christian Van Der Henst S.

From North America you will travel to Latin America with Isaac Tours, who will tell you especially about the artistic and cultural attractions of the Dominican Republic.

Pepe Gonzalez from FreeTourRevolution, our favourite Cuban guide, will tell you about some of the most important museums in Latin America.  These museums are famous for both their art collections and their architecture. These include in particular the Gold Museum in Bogotá, Colombia. It is the world’s largest collection of pre-Columbian gold artifacts is exhibited. To discover the other museums, read Pepe’s article in the second issue of Voyagers Voice.

Because Suzy loves London

Photo credit: Henry Be

Finally, Suzy The Explorer will take you around London, among hidden cafes, squares and crypts. She will suggest you the best ways to explore the city. She will tell you how London surprises her with its endless attractions every time walks through the streets.


Author: Giulia Carosi

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