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Private Travel – Interview with Sarah Wilson

Presentation of Private Travel and its owner Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is the owner of Create My Adventure- a Private Travel Planning Company. She specialises in creating custom itineraries to unique destinations for travellers looking to take their adventures to the next level. A world traveller herself, Sarah focused on becoming an expert in Private Travel when she realises how few travel agents and agencies were taking the time to learn about the sector, and yet how much it offered. 

Website description

We believe that travel is about experiencing the world, and all that is offered. Create My Adventure is a luxury Private Travel Agency offers clients unique, tailored experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Our goal is to turn your holiday into a once-in-a-lifetime. Create my adventure experience!

Sarah Wilson Private travel
What motivated you to create your blog?

I created a blog as a journal to document my travels and experiences, but it quickly became a little more than that.  However, I use my blog to inspire others to explore and learn about the world. I also love to share insider tips that I’ve learned in my time of being a travel agent to help make my fellow travellers’ next adventures more enjoyable. 

What is private travel?

Private travel is an organised trip for you and a very specific group of people, and no one else. This style of travel allows you to bond with those you care about or would like to get to know better in a safe, yet exciting environment! It’s a great opportunity for family bonding, team building, intimate celebrations, or anyone just looking to escape all the chaos of society for a while.

What made you want to work on this style of travel?

I wanted to focus on becoming a private travel expert. I realized how few agents and agencies took the time to learn about this style of travel and yet how vast it is. My aim is to educate the public on all the options that they may not know are available to them. I want to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for my clients, not just another holiday.

Is private travel expensive and only tailored to certain customers?

That may have been the case up until a few years ago, but the current trends are shifting, and this style of travel is on the rise in all markets! Private Travel is definitely more exclusive, but it doesn’t have to be only expensive. There are many private experiences out there that will fit just about any budget. Due to the current demand, more companies are offering unique tours and excursions for small groups. These cost the same as you would pay for a week in the Caribbean. You just have to know where to look for them.

Can a family organise their holiday on a private travel plan?

Of course! Private travel is a great option for family travel! Whether it’s a single family looking for a unique experience, or what I’ve been seeing more of recently, multi-family trips, such as reunions and other special occasions. And because Private Travel is much tailored, it can be organised around each family’s needs!

Sarah Wilson holiday on coast
Is private travel a safe alternative for those who want to travel during the pandemic?

The Coronavirus Pandemic really changed the way people view travel. Once we realised how much we all like our personal space, it’s hard to think about going back into enormous crowds. The good news is, with Private Travel you get the best of both worlds! Private Travel has always been set up in a way that addresses any health and safety concerns that travellers might have. So, you still get to see the world, and can do so with peace of mind knowing you’ll be well taken care of.

Is this trend something that will continue to be popular after the pandemic?

Absolutely! I think once people get a taste of Private Travel they will not want to go back to the old ways! It’s luxury mixed with adventure in a more intimate setting. The complete experience is catered to giving travellers exclusive adventures in unique destinations. It’s a higher quality of travel than what is offered commercially, and travellers are going to appreciate that.

Sarah Wilson in the city
Which is the most popular activity for private travel?

Small Group Tours are probably the most popular avenue for private travel right now. Over the last year, we started seeing more companies offer unique tours and excursions to places all over the world. Tours & Excursions such as safaris, or Mediterranean island hopping will exceed yours and your group’s expectations. You can explore just about any region in the world with professional guides to pilot your journey. And because itineraries are chosen ahead of time, there is very little planning involved for the travellers.

Which destinations are popular for private travel?

I think the Caribbean will always be a popular destination for most people. Who doesn’t love white sands and turquoise water? But one of my goals is to introduce travellers to alternative destinations that they may not have thought about as an option. There are private islands, resorts, and villas all over the world that can be rented exclusively. And, if you’re looking for a truly unique experience, you are even able to customize your own private cruise! I encourage travellers to look beyond the Caribbean and see what else this amazing world has to offer.

Our magazine is very concerned with sustainable and responsible travel. In this context, I want to ask you if private travel is a way for people with reduced mobility to organise their trips?

 Absolutely! I believe that traveling is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. As a private travel planner, I get to pick the partners I want to work with, and I hold each one of them to the highest standards of service. I qualify my partners to ensure we have similar beliefs concerning equality, accessibility, and environmental conservation before consenting to work with them. 

How does someone plan this kind of trip?

Always work with an agent! Private Travel is actually quite different from casual travel when it comes to planning. Your large hotel chains and commercial airlines book thousands of trips a day and are accessible to just about anyone. However, most private options are exactly that… private. Because many accommodations are not listed to the public, an agent must build strong, working relationships with those whom they will book with directly. It takes a long time to acquire a collection of hand-selected options that a travel planner is confident in and proud to offer to their clients. It will be well worth it to invest in someone who is very familiar with how this process works.

In conclusion, if you want to read more interviews, look at our Blog.  

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