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Phuket: off the beaten track on the tourist island

You may have already heard of Phuket in Thailand. Small island that is well known for its amazing white sand beaches and nightlife. To discover everything about the beauty of Phuket, you have to get  little off the beaten path

First of all, Phuket belongs to the southern part of Thailand and is the largest island in the country connected by the Sarasin Bridge. Its population is mostly Buddhist, but it has become a popular destination for expatriates looking for a cheap and heavenly life, and of course, tourists. During the high season, the number of people on the island more than doubles! People usually go there to visit the famous temples of Wat Chalong, eat in the old town with Sino-Portuguese style architecture, enjoy a night out in a club or bar on Phuket Street and finally relax on Freedom Beach …

For many, the main reason it is so attractive is because of the very affordable price of a nice hotel with breakfast, swimming pool, massage and everything one can dream of.

But let’s go a little off track, out of the Patong area which is more popular. Let’s see what Phuket province also offers for the more adventurous!

The beaches:

Many beaches are well known on the island, where you will have clubs, hotels nearby and also many water activities such as speedboats, jet skis etc… However, the best beaches are those that remain secret, sometimes a little difficult to access, but really quiet and worth the trip. You do not need names, you just have to drive your bike and explore yourself to have the opportunity to enjoy an idyllic landscape.

The viewpoints:

Across the island, while scrolling through Google Maps, it is easy to see some viewpoints that are usually easily accessible and will give you fascinating views of nature and the Andaman Sea. One of the best is Kao Khad View Point, in the south, which is not popular. However, if you want to see the best sunsets ever, head west to Karon Viewpoint.

View Phuket

Nature and wildlife:

The island has many parks, forests, waterfalls and animal shelters. The usual thing to do for animal lovers is to spend some time in Monkey Mountain to have fun and have adorable monkeys steal your food or visit the Phuket Elephant Shelter. Here you can approach elephants and even swim with them! Careful! It is very important to know that in Thailand, many tourist places offer you to ride elephants. DO NOT TRY IT! Elephants are wild animals and their domestication is achieved through many sufferings. They must be tortured until they are harmless and used as a tourist attraction.

For the nature part, you should definitely plan a hike in the green areas of Phuket, located in the northern part of the island. A few years ago, there were many wild places where you could hike and not see anyone for hours, only snakes, giant spiders and geckos, and back then, it was better to go with a local guide for safety reasons. However now you will always have people or homes nearby. There are many trails to do, but for nature lovers, Khao Sok National Park is their paradise. As you hike in the jungle, Mother Nature will offer you many wonderful views. You can see caves, waterfalls, palm trees, flowers… Make sure you have your swimsuit with you! Because there are holes, like natural pools, where you can relax in the middle of your route.

Jungle Hike


Overall, the island is made for everyone, regardless of the type of vacation you enjoy. If you are looking for a relaxing and lazy holiday, you have everything you need at a cheap price. But if you crave adventure and authenticity, get to Phuket fast! Because soon, the island will become too touristy and busy, as it is becoming more and more popular on social media platforms! Fortunately, there are still wildlife experiences that are unforgettable.

In short, if you want to know more about local experiences, you can take a look at Estelle Chupeau

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