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The island edition is out…

The ninth edition of Voyagers Voice

A special edition of Voyagers Voice is out today. We entirely dedicated this ninth issue to the islands: Galapagos, Phuket, Croatian islands, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Corfu. You will also find new content from the travel and technology section and an article by the winner of the “Share the moment” photo contest. Browse the ninth issue of Voyagers Voice to discover all the contents. Remember that you can download and share the magazine for free.

ninth edition
Galapagos by Dustin Haney

Voyagers Voice Reward Plan

Voyagers Voice is also launching the “Voyagers Voice Reward Plan” this month. To reward our collaborators, we will give away a special prize every month. You can take part too by becoming a collaborator of the magazine. Check out this page to find out more.

Cover Photo contest

The cover photo of this edition is by Esther Guglietta from Viajando por Asia, winner of last month’s “Cover photo” contest. If you want to take part in the contest, please send us a travel photo (in portrait). You could win the photo contest and see your photo published on the cover. Visit the Home Page for more information. Here instead you can vote for the most beautiful photo to choose the cover of the January issue.

Ninth edition contributors

Finally, we want to thank the authors of this ninth issue:

Sandy Ruyack from Boulevards and Byways
Estelle Chpeau from Guiding Group
Neil Evans from North Corfu Children’s Home Fundraiser
Kevin Strong from Retirestyle Travel 
D. Marino and J. Malley from Make Them All Trips Of A Lifetime
Paola Maria Rossi from Viaggi Organizzati in Marocco

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