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New technology to promote your city and overcome the crisis!

Today’s travellers are becoming more knowledgeable about technology. Most of the travellers are relying mainly on their phones for all aspects of travel. In addition, with globalisation the tourism industry has developed a lot. Tourism has been democratised and until last year it was experiencing huge diversification and growth. This process was facilitated by the opening of borders and, of course, the development of means of transport and communication.

Introducing the new technologies of information, communication and the digitalisation of tourism reshaped the companies’ organisations. The companies have to adapt to the changes of consumer’s needs, habits, and more globally to the evolution of the market.
The industry grows in an information society that is revolutionising the way tourism was previously organized. There are, of course also limits and threats to the expansion. For example, technological obstacles, e-reputation, environment concerns, political instabilities, destinations’ risk perception, emerging types of tourism

tour of the city

Risk perception of the Covid-19 for travellers: self-protection climate

The Covid-19 results in a decrease in the demand for travel. Despite the willingness of travellers to keep getting away, the fear conveyed by media and through global organisations or state regulations is real. That is why a climate of self-protection. We, as travellers, want to be safe and to keep our relatives safe as well.
However, it’s important to bear in mind that tourists will want to travel with more concerns regarding health and sanitary issues! They will choose their destination and travel experiences depending much more on the trust that they have in the respect of hygienic new rules and norms. Furthermore, there are more and more digital users since the crisis due to remote interactions.

Therefore; we need to reassure our clients that travelling safely nowadays is possible. Safety protocols and investing in technology are the keys to their faith and dreams towards the industry. Professionals need to protect, inform and relax customers.
The industry is right now at a turning point in terms of international development. The pandemic that we are facing reveals, even more, the fragmented world and questions our global economy, and put into perspective the future of tourism.
And of course, this section is about technology, so we are going to emphasise this aspect. We must keep trying to anticipate and adapt to this new normal that is taking quite some time to come…

new technology to prevent risks

How to become a smart city

A smart city is still now an imprecise expression. We cannot predict the future and how cities will grow. However, we can define the key aspects and objectives of a smart city. We have to to enhance the performance, sustainably optimise the use of resources to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants.

to achieve these objectives, many cities realised how important it is to invest in technologies to address the urbanisation challenges. Indeed, citizens engage with smart city ecosystems via their smart phones or other mobile devices, so why not apply it to tourism as well?

New technology for a smart city

How to incorporate technology to promote your city?

We have already given you some examples of technologies over the past few months that surely encompass all the new requirements and needs for the guiding industry.
But as mentioned in the section before, what if travellers remain too scared to travel with a group?
The cities still need to attract solo travellers. For that reason, many cities invested in mobile apps. They created tours for people to get to know the famous places, monuments and traditions by themselves. And it is really easy to create now. you can have a geo-referenced map with points of interest. For that, many companies, as Guiding-Group are offering their services to cities, DMOs, or other individual places of visit to build their own pre-recorded multimedia content and platforms.

Cities can book from the concept/writing – with a specialised team to support the creation of a fascinating story-telling- to the app creation, with of course translations for multilingual tours, video and photo production, creation of a CMS, etc… The important thing that has to be considered while building such apps; is the usage scenarios. Indeed, an application will have to fulfill many needs and provide the guests, which can demand in very different ways, the best experience possible.

New technology by smarthphone

New technology by smartphone for tour of the cities

No worries about the tour guides!

Local tour guides are often worried about implementing such technologies. The reason is because they feel like it could be a threat to their activity. Let’s be real: this type of activity can’t kill the authentic tour guiding. Especially since the lockdowns, people realised they want to share. Human contact is important and travellers feel the need to have social interactions while wandering.

In short, if you want to know more about travel and technology, look at Guiding Group

Howevber, if you want to know more about art or culture related to travel, look at our Blog. 

Author: Estelle Chupeau (Guiding Group)

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