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Majestic Victoria Falls

Why you should visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. It is accompanied by the Aurora Borealis, the Grand Canyon, Paricutin, Mount Everest, the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, and the Great Barrier Reef. If you can conquer any of these naturally formed beauties, then you are encountering the vastness of each phenomenon. I have been lucky to catch three out of the seven so far. Each one leaving me breathless. But Victoria Falls had been on my number 1 wish list out of those others since I studied it in school. Here is why you should consider making the trip over to Victoria Falls.

Rainbow on waterfall

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls was discovered by David Livingstone on 16th November 1855. Although as Desmond Tutu puts it, History, like beauty, depends largely on the beholder, so when you read that, for example, David Livingstone discovered the Victoria Falls, you might be forgiven for thinking that there was nobody around the Falls until Livingstone arrived on the scene.  

Situated in Zimbabwe and Zambia, I headed over to the Zimbabwean side for the best experience. And I am sure it’s on many people’s bucket lists worldwide as it was drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors every year pre-Covid pandemic. It is the most colossal single curtain of falling water worldwide at 1,708 metres long in full flow.

Victoria Falls

The water plunges 100 metres into a deep and winding gorge full of turbulent rapids and whirlpools. Watching one of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls is quite a sight to behold.

What is more, it is situated in the very hub of numerous world-class parks, as you can combine a visit to this extraordinary waterfall with a safari, which will make for the most memorable of all holidays.

Victoria Falls comprises five main waterfalls

As you enter through the National Park’s entrance gate, you begin your trail to the left, along the cobbled paths. As you head closer to the Falls, you start to hear the crashing sound of the falling water, which you can feel vibrating through your body with the fall of the water showering you. 

Victoria Falls comprises five main waterfalls. The Main Falls, the Devil’s Cataract, the Rainbow Falls, the Horseshoe Falls, and the Eastern Cataract, which can be found on the Zambian side. Still, you can see it from the Zimbabwe side. There are sixteen viewing points of the waterfall on the Zimbabwe side and another thirteen from the Zambian. But not all of those looking into the waterfall.

Rainbow on waterfall

The best times to visit

Talking to the locals, the best time to view the Falls is at sunrise. A tour guide I spoke to, Soloman, said, “Not only is the lighting so wonderful during the early mornings, but the forest is so peaceful.” I didn’t get the chance to do the sunrise; however, I saw a worthy postcard rainbow amidst the Falls around 2-4pm. 


Soloman also said, “You MUST go and see the Falls at night to see if you can catch the lunar rainbow during a full moon. At night, a lunar rainbow is a truly magnificent sight that so many people don’t even know about!” I wasn’t there during the full moon, and I must stress, these are not always guaranteed during this time, but it is worth trying. 

Once you have captured those everlasting moments at the Falls, you should take yourself to town and try out the local food and drink. The Zimbabwean cuisine is absolutely exquisite. The hospitality from the locals is excellent, and the music is majestic. Such a great all-around experience. 

That leaves me to say, don’t delay it; your travels to Victoria Falls will be one of the best holidays you ever go on. What more can you ask for?

view to Falls

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