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Home » Madrid: Hybrid Convention 2022 of WFTGA (Tourist Guide Association)

Madrid: Hybrid Convention 2022 of WFTGA (Tourist Guide Association)

Guiding-Group partner of WFTGA during their Hybrid Convention 2022 in Madrid

Last month  there was in Madrid  in Spain, the WFTGA Convention. At the event we provide our latest technology to explore the city. This article will be different from what you are used to read, but we thought it could be interesting for you to see how technology can revolutionise the tour guiding industry, also starting with conventions.
Step-by-step how to onboard participants:

First day of the Convention was the occasion for us to go to the Palacio Real de Aranjuez, located outside the city of Madrid. We had time in the bus to onboard everyone for the tour with our SmartGuide.
The guests either had to scan the QR Code or directly go in their App Store to find the GetYourStream App. Once it downloaded, they just had to choose the right WiFi network affiliated to the SmartBox of the Guide, and that was all: they were ready to follow the tour!

We had the chance to have a beautiful visit of the Palace, the Gardens and Waterfalls of Aranjuez under a hot sun.
The next day, we used again our technology for the tour of the city centre of Madrid, amazing monuments as well as nice narrow paved streets, and again our SmartGuide was in action, few minutes to get ready at the hotel lobby and then we were ready to go! Even the thick old stones’ walls of the old city didn’t stop our transmitter to live-stream to the guests’ smartphones.


Why technology is important for events/conventions

Congresses and conventions also need to consider technology for their organisation, the attendees want to have a wonderful experience in any language (even if English is international, to give multilingual options is always a plus). Such solutions can really be leverages for better collaborative environments and to meet the growing tech needs of the participants. The communication and transparency are therefore enhanced with such tools. And again, because of covid, we have to make such live events safer than before, and with contactless technologies, all attendees will be at peace during the event.

You are a local guide and want to know more?
Guiding-Group is partnering with local guides because we realised that they will invest in technology, ready for digitisation, but maybe don’t have the resources to invest yet, after the impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry. We are making special offers because we want to make our solutions available for everyone, big or small players of tourism.
Thanks to all the members, board of directors, coaches and all the people with whom we had the opportunity to interact during this intense week; We are glad to start a new journey with you and help Tour Guide Associations around the world to have a good restart and digital transition!n!

Photo group of the Hybrid Convention in Madrid
Hybrid Convention in Madrid

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In short, If you want more info, or have a look at the video recordings from the event, check out Convention WFTGA 

However, if you want to know more about the culture or art of the countries of the world, look at our Blog. 

Author: Estelle Chupeau (Guiding Group)

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