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Kassiopi, Corfu: summer in Greece

Kassiopi (Corfu)

I’ve been lucky enough since retiring as a professional chef full-time to have visited some wonderful places. Not all the places were exotic or places of paradise but towns, cities and countries around the world. One of these places was for sure Kassiopi in Corfu.

Visiting these locations gave me the opportunity to source out local dishes and return home and recreate them.

But in these articles I wanted to focus more on the journey itself of the dish, the history, origins and a bit about the location itself.

The first place I’m going to talk about is Corfu and in particular Kassiopi.

Kassiopi, Corfu in Greece

I’m going back to Kassiopi, Corfu this summer to visit friends and to discuss the next book I’m planning on writing. It’s going to be about Corfu and in particular the origins of the traditional dishes that are rarely mentioned or tried & tested to the visiting tourists.

I have only visited Corfu once. That was by chance and on a spur of the moment while booking a brief break away with my sister.

I’m so glad I did because that’s where the idea for “Recipes from my travels”originated from.

About Kassiopi

Kassiopi is a village and resort on the north-east coast of Corfu. Traditionally is a small fishing village. It’s now a popular tourist spot, with bars and restaurants dotted around the harbour.

Kassiopi itself is steeped in history and that’s the reason I’m heading back, besides the warm and welcoming reception you receive from the lovely people there, I also want to see and explore more of the culture of this charming little village, the surrounding towns and of course the rest of Corfu itself.

Greek cuisine

One of the most popular of Greek dishes is souvlaki, “Souvlaki” is the common term used in regions of Northern Greece while in southern Greece and Athens also, it is commonly known as kalamaki

In Corfu a special tomato sauce is added to souvlaki, plainly called “red sauce” (κόκκινη σάλτσα).

In Greek culture the practice of cooking food on spits or skewers date back to the Bronze Age.

Whether modern-day souvlaki skewers are a follow on of ancient Greek culinary traditions or came to Greece Via Turkey and should be considered a Greek styling of shish kebab.

“That’s one debate I’m going to leave to the two countries”

All I know is that I adore the culinary and cultural heritage of Corfu, Greece and the Greek Islands.

Souvlaki and Greek Feta cheese salad

Chicken souvlaki takes me straight back to actually cooking this dish when I was in Kassiopi, Corfu, with the aromas filling the apartment.

I accompanied it with my version of a Mediterranean dish with vegetables, feta, olives and chorizo and of course a side of Greek feta cheese salad.

Just perfect for sitting on the balcony in the early evening with some beautiful crusty bread from the local bakery and a chilled glass of wine.

It was absolute bliss and I can’t wait to return.

Greek dish with Feta cheese

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Author: Paul James

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