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How Adler Lodge Ritten’s Private Sauna Transformed My Stay

What makes a visit to a 5-star lodge memorable? Is it the exceptional hospitality or the luxurious amenities on offer? Well, imagine stepping into your private fortress at Adler Lodge Ritten, Italy, which offers both in abundance. Here, I’ll share why my in-room sauna experience was blissful, made even more beautiful by the sensational alpine scenery.

A Homely and Intimate Retreat

Beautiful scenery of the lodge (photo credit: Shebs Alom)

The lodge itself is a getaway amongst the glorious mountains in the South Tyrolean Alps, where you can really absorb the brilliance of nature whilst indulging in the exceptional comfort and elegance of the lodge. Having visited the Adler Resort in Sicily, I found this hotel to have a more homely and intimate feel, with the private sauna being the highlight of my stay.

Katya Unterhofer, who has been working at the lodge for four years and previously worked in the Adler in Tuscany, reinforced that homely feeling by adding, “I really love it here because it’s really small and intimate. I feel like I am working from my own living room.”

Robert and Matthias Truber, guests from Germany who own a hotel themselves, also expressed, “It’s the ambience and nature, and we always feel at home. And there are only a few people, too, which is what makes it special.”

Transforming Stress into Bliss

Stunning private sauna within the Junior Suite (photo credit: Shebs Alom)

Before coming to the lodge, I had been grappling with a whirlwind of personal worries and mental battles, with the stress of work and home life weighing heavily on my shoulders. However, as soon as I was left to my devices and was able to switch my mind off from whatever may have been going on, I entered into what I can only describe as heading into the clouds.

I would also add that I was never really too fond of saunas in the past, even though I’ve experienced many of them around the world. Perhaps it’s all to do with the surroundings, as I never felt they were a sanctuary. But my first real love for them came during my time in the Adler hotel in Sicily, as the soothing heat of the sauna there wooed me.

The Ultimate Sauna Experience

Having a private sauna is an experience like no other (photo credit: Shebs Alom)

Having a private sauna made all the difference. All the rooms on offer provide them, along with a communal sauna for all the guests to use, which opens at 2 p.m. every day. They do have a stimulating Aufguss session you can attend as well. Aufguss is a traditional technique that utilises essential oil-enriched snowballs to increase the health benefits of conventional vaporisation procedures, making for an amazing experience. But having the sauna in my room turned it into my personal retreat, where I could shed my worries without fear of interruption.

Where my room was situated, I could gaze out at the breathtaking scenery and the warmth of the sauna, combined with the comfort of having a splendid minibar at my disposal, provided an oasis of peace and pleasure. Every deep breath I took in that serene space melted away my pre-trip tension, with each minute replacing walls of stress and anxiety with calm and clarity. It sounds mystical, but I promise you it was as if that sauna had the power to purify not just my body but my mind as well.

The beautiful chalets on offer (photo credit: Shebs Alom)

An Exceptional Stay

The dining experience with the most sensational view (photo credit: Shebs Alom)

When I spoke to Sofia Rabanser from the marketing team during my dinner at the exquisite dining experience they provided me, she explained to me, “These little touches that we have with the private sauna that you love set us apart. The family Sanoner is always involved in thinking up and planning exciting new benefits for our guests.”

There were plenty of other factors that made the lodge outstanding, as I have already alluded to, with the mouthwatering food they had on offer. Along with the cuisine came the state-of-the-art gymnasium and pool, and how can I not mention the stimulating spa treatment they provided me?

But it really was the sauna experience that took my heart. Saunas have seen a significant rise over the last couple of years, with experiences all over the world to be had, and from my own standpoint and understanding, they are becoming the next big trend. Recent meticulous research and articles have been written to prove why they are great for you.

A Rejuvenating Escape

You can take a dip in the incredible pool overlooking the mountains (photo credit: Shebs Alom)

Did I ever think a sauna would be the pinnacle of my time at the lodge? Well, life is full of surprises. The ideal combination of silence, elegance, and breathtaking scenery enabled me to completely withdraw and find calmness. By the time I left the lodge, the weight of the world had lifted from my shoulders. This is precisely why one seeks such luxury: to leave feeling lighter, rejuvenated, and ready to face the world anew.

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