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The first issue is out…

Download the first issue of Voyagers Voice for free

The first issue of Voyagers Voice is now available. It can be browsed, downloaded, printed and shared for free. Voyagers Voice is a digital travel magazine, focused on art and culture. Our authors come from countries in every corner of the world and also have a deep knowledge of local traditions.

Contents of the first issue

In this first issue we will take you on a journey through Europe, Asia and Latin America. To begin with the journey, the first stop is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center of Athens. It is a monumental cultural centre in Faliro Bay. It comprises a complex of buildings designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, including new structures for the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera.

After Greece we will stop in the windy north-eastern part of Italy, in Trieste. We will arrive at the port of Grignano, where the Miramare Castle is located. “The castle overlooking the sea”, now a state museum, was the home of Maximilian of Habsburg and Charlotte of Belgium. From here we will fly to Asia, in Bhutan, “The Land of Thunder Dragon”. We will show you the Taktsang Monastery: a fascinating complex of Buddhist temples that rise on a mountain peak. 

After a brief stop in Portugal, we will take you to the Colombian Andes. In the splendid Eje Cafetero region, among the scent of precious Arabian blends. Here you will discover the origins and history of coffee. Finally, for music lovers we fly to Cuba, where the overwhelming “fusion” of music will seduce you. You will think of music as an expression of the island’s culture, a fusion of cultural influences from Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

In conclusion, in the first issue of Voyagers Voice you will also find an interview with Gary Davis, travel expert and founder of GD travel, a free travel news, information and special service on social media. 

Author: Giulia Carosi

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