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Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic, more than a stunning Caribbean destination

Dominican Republic is more than a stunning Caribbean destination. Certainly, Dominican republic is a land defined by friendly people, vibrant culture, and a unique history. With origins dating back centuries, Hispaniola was first inhabited by the indigenous Taino people. Santo Domingo, located three hours away from the country’s capital city founded in 1496. Today, the country’s rich heritage lives through the architecture, culture, and warm, gracious Dominicans

Dominican beach

Mix of culture and history

Home to sweeping, lush, varied landscape, La Costa Verde offers an exuberant mix of local culture and history. Centrally located between cheerful beach towns and the vibrant Samaná Peninsula, North Coast. 
The island is home to landmarks of worldwide cultural and historical significance, and its waters are a treasury of ancient history and natural wonders awaiting exploration.

As one of the top ten producers of coffee and cocoa beans, the Dominican Republic’s tropical climate provides rich and abundant agriculture, from sweeping cocoa trees to farmers markets brimful of lavish harvest. 

Dominican Republic view

Island Adventures

Its alluring waters offer a natural playground for everything from exhilarating ventures in kitesurfing, to relaxed outings like whale-watching and soaking in the ocean marvels. Whether taking in the natural splendors while windsurfing or setting out for a sunset sail, there is something to satisfy every kind of adventurer.

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