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An Interview with Diego Geri, traveller, adventurer and nutritionist

In this issue Voyagers, Voice wanted to interview a Voyagers Voice reader named Diego Geri, a nutritionist who loves to travel, combining his trips with sports/adventures and cultural experiences of the place and with whom we have chatted a little about his favourite sport/adventure on his travels and about the importance of nutrition in the tourism sector.

Do you combine your travels with sports or also with some other cultural activities?

Yes, every time I travel or I go on holiday I always try to combine my travel with sports or take part in some cultural activity. For example this year I went diving on a Croatian island named Krk, I went on a zip-line and hiked in the hills in Slovenian location Bovec, which is located in the Triglav National Park. I also try to experience the old traditions of that place and meet the native people, because I believe that it makes me understand better the real meaning of travelling.

Which place or country, according to your experience, offers the most interesting opportunities for diving?

I had the most beautiful holidays in the north-western part of Argentina, where I experienced the beautiful autochthonous and untouched Argentinian world in the Andes, where there are beautiful lakes at high altitudes. Unfortunately there, I could not dive, but it’s very interesting to dive in waters that are 2000+ above sea level. Regarding my diving experience, I had the most beautiful diving on the Croatian islands.

Have you travelled to any country outside your home country to go diving?

Yes, at the moment for scuba diving I have just travelled to Croatia and Slovenia. However, my intention is also to know the beauty of the seabed also from other countries.

Diego Geri
Photo credit: Diego Geri

Everyone can start diving but must be conscious of a few important things

Is it simple to get started diving? Is any specialised training required?

Everyone can start diving but must be conscious of a few important things. To start diving, it is necessary to dive with specific technical training on the use of the equipment, the main and most basic manoeuvres to be carried out underwater and the dangers that can be experienced during a dive. The advice I would give is the following:

– Being in good health and not having exceeded the previous day/evening with alcohol, drugs, little sleep
– Be aware of the dangers that scuba diving can entail
– Know the equipment and know how to use it
– Knowing how to carry out the main manoeuvres for your own safety
– Find out about the sea conditions at that time
– Be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.

Do you dive alone or with a group?

I always prefer to dive at least as a couple, never alone because it can be dangerous and because the feeling of sharing this moment, that relaxation and that view under the sea deserve to be shared.

What qualities must a good diver have?

There are no special qualifications, but you must be calm and experienced with neutral navigation and know all the manoeuvres for getting out of the water in an emergency.


Regardless of diving, which is your favourite country among those you have visited?

I would like to go diving in Egypt or Cuba. Currently, I am only diving in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, because the distances are short and it is easier for me to plan my dives.

Photo credit: Diego Geri

We should enjoy every dish and pay more attention to how we eat it and how it makes us feel rather than what we eat

Does your speciality as a nutritionist affect the way you try the cuisine of a place or a country you visit?

My knowledge of nutrition helps me understand what I am regularly served on my travels, but every time I visit a new country, I am fascinated and surprised by new combinations of various dishes. I believe we should enjoy every dish and pay more attention to how we eat it and how it makes us feel rather than what we eat.

Of the countries you have visited, which one do you think had the most nutritionally balanced cuisine?

The Mediterranean diet, which consists primarily of Italian, Spanish, and Greek cuisine, is the most balanced in my opinion.

Do you believe that food in the tourism sector (airlines, hotels, etc.) should be more strictly regulated by authorities in order to provide healthier food to travellers?

All nutrition companies have an internal department that prepares menus and controls the quality and hygiene of the food. Imagine if this were not the case… all passengers on a plane to the bathroom at the same time… of course, this cannot happen…

Photo credit: Diego Geri


To end the interview, do you think it is a good way to travel, meet new cultures, learn languages, etc. to go to work in the summer months as you did while you were studying?

I suppose there is no age limit for going to work abroad and thus travelling, learning new languages, getting to know other cultures, and gaining experience. The only difference is that under 30 is easier because companies hire young people and because people around 30 start having families, and it is not always easy to go and live abroad with a baby. I was fortunate enough to be able to work in the United States, very close to New York, and it was a fantastic experience for me, which I would recommend to anyone.

In short, if you want to know more about the culture of any country, look at our Blog.

Author: D. Marino and J. Malley from Make Them All Trips of a Lifetime.

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