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Voyagers Voice Reward Plan

Reward Plan

To reward our contributors, we will give away a special monthly and annual prize. You can take part in the “Voyagers Voice Reward Plan” by becoming a collaborator of the magazine

Monthly Travel Blogger Award: for one person plane ticket (hand luggage only)/ bus ticket/train ticket in the same country/continent or for two persons one-night accommodation  (minimum hotel 3 stars)

Annual Travel Blogger Award (31st December 2022): Weekend for two persons -plane tickets (hand luggage only) and accommodation- (minimum hotel 3 stars) within the same country/continent as the blogger.

Monthly Travel Company Award: Free advert in the magazine and banner in Voyageres Voice website

Annual Travel Company Award (31st December 2022): A whole year free advert in Voyagers Voice magazine (January – December 2023)

In case Voyagers Voice could not find a pleasing offer for the winner (Monthly travel blogger award), it will pay him/her $ 30 via PayPal. 

Here you can check out the monthly and annual ranking.



– The travel blogger and travel company with the most points for the month will receive the monthly award.

– Each travel blogger and travel company can win a maximum of two times (never two months in a row) during the calendar year.

– Voyagers Voice will give the annual award to the travel blogger and travel company with the most points (the sum of all months)

– Voyagers Voice has the right to choose whether the award it will be the plane ticket/bus ticket/train ticket or accommodeation booking.

– Voyagers Vice has the right to choose the destinations for the winners (monthly and annual ones) and propose to the winner.

– Travel blogger must give the availability of one entire month to travel (or two periods of 15 days each).

– Each winner of monthly award will have six months to use the prize (plane/bus/train ticket or accommodation).  

– If any travel blogger does not want or cannot travel during the next six months after winning the award, the flight/bus/train ticket or accommodation reservation will be exchanged with a free advertisement in the magazine and a banner in our website.



– Once Voyagers Voice will approves that the material is suitable for the publication (article, photo or video), the points will be counted, even if the material will not enter in the next issue but in the futre ones.

All collaborators who accumulate 300 points will receive a Voyagers Voice bronze badge, for 600 pòints a silver badge and 1000 points or more, a gold badge to upload to their website. 

*50 points Article for the magazine 

*25 points Article for blog (The article can be an old articles from your blog, always related to the world of travel about art and culture, and no more than one article per week).

*20 points for the collaborator who promotes us with an interview, with a podcast, with a video, etc.

*15 points for the winner of the Photographic Contest “Cover photo”/”Share the moment”. If the winner is a collaborator’s friend or contact, the collaborator will get 15 points.

*10 points videos (high quality videos – no more than one video per month) in horizontal.

*6 points for photos for the photographic contests “Cover Photo”/”Share the moment”. As many of you have already participated in one or both of them, the collaborators who bring a friend/contact to participate in any of the contests will receive 6 points.

*3 points for each share, retweet or repost ((Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin). It is important to tag us in order to count the points.

*2 points Photos for the Discover the World section. (You can send a maximum of one photo per month of places, buildings, attractions of a location and you must not send photos of the same place).

*1 point for each person who will vote the “Cover photo”/”Share the moment” photo contests on behalf of the collaborator (screenshot of vote sent by email).