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Taktshang: The Ultimate Destination of Tourist

Switzerland of Asia

Bhutan is a small landlocked Himalayan country, sandwiched between India and China. Especially famous for its unique culture and tradition, and a population of seven lakhs. The travellers also known Bhutan as the “Switzerland of Asia” because of its shape, area and mountainous location. The Asian country is definitely one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. It is because of its unique philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH). It focuses above all on four pillars namely sustainable and fair socio-economic development, conservation of environment, preservation and promotion of culture and good governance.

A trip to Bhutan will lure every aspiring tourist into sampling the charms of this beautiful land. The pleasant aroma of flora and stunning landscape, both of the lowland with freshly covered vegetation and highland with beautifully snow-capped mountains. Bhutan is traditionally culture centred and beautified with splendid fortresses and blessed sacred sites.

Tahtshang: The Tiger Nest

Taktshang: The Tiger Nest voyagers voice blog
Credit photo: Kinshuk Bose

Taktshang: The Tiger Nest is is the sacred site that every tourist wishes to visit. It is located in Paro and is a cultural icon of Bhutan. The monastery hung on the precarious cliff at 3000 feet above the Paro Valley and it has existed since 8th century. A that time Buddhist master Guru Padmasambhava flew riding on the flying tigress and meditated in the cave for three years, three months, three weeks, three days and three hours, where the monastery is to this day. Paro Taktshang comprises four temples and there are eight holy caves in the monastery. The buildings interconnect with staircases carved into the rock.

However, no traveller leaves Bhutan without visiting the site owing to its wonderful location and its sacredness. Travellers will enjoy the unique combination of spiritual hike and sightseeing. Visitors will able to create memories with beautiful scenery photographs. In conclusion, we are sure that experiences of visiting Bhutan will assist our valued guest to discover the beauty and history of “The Land of Thunder Dragon.”

Author: Sonam Cheki from  Lho Asia Discovery.

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