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Voyagers Voice’s partners and collaborators are both travel bloggers and travel companies. They are authors and also photographers of Voyagers Voice Magazine and Voyagers Voice’s blog. See the following list for further information.

Voyagers Voice Collaborators

Sameer Sami from AXIS Destination Management

AXIS Destination Management is a newly found travel company in Jordan. AXIS was founded in the late 2020. Founding members also have 50+ years experience.

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Pepe Gonzalez from FreeTourRevolucion

Young Cuban, delighted with the history of his country in general. Tourism student at the University of Havana and also Freetour guide.


Sonam Cheki from Lho Asia Discovery 

Lho Asia Discovery is registered with Tourism Council of Bhutan. The agency is licensed by Royal Government of Bhutan. Based in Thimphu. In conclusion, they are always here to help provide pleasing tour packages. 

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Derrick Muhanguzi from Route Wild Safaris

The Route Wild team are travel and also adventure thrilled and experts. This company organize safaris and tours in National Parks. Even all the different tourist sights in the East African Region. 

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Joydeep Phukan from The Gypsy Chiring

Travel blogger based in Assam, North-East India. The website is a fusion of stories on both travel and adventure. There are also posts about hiking, trekking, cultures and nature. Thoughts, poetry, and about life as a whole. It is also a platform for writers to get their work published.

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Zeina Kassem from Zeina Kassem Photography

She is keen on travel photography, photo portrait, nature and also humanitarian field. Zeina never miss a chance to capture real life moments. And also capture natural beauty whether in Lebanon or  abroad.

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Collaborators from Asia

Mohammad Reza from Authentic Afghanistan

Authentic Afghanistan Tour Service is a local tour guide which eases your travel to Afghanistan. In order to be an eye witness of unique culture. Our team’s skills: safety and security, first aid and logistic. Finally fleet care services.

Kalum and Hemi Kathriaracchi form Magnificent Sri Lanka

Married couple Kalum and Hemi residing in Kandy. It is one of the most alluring and cultural-rich city in the country. Firstly, we want to share our stories, tips, and also lives..

Mohamadreza Mahboubifard from Persian Gryphon

Persian Gryphon is an Iranian tour operator and travel consulting company. This agency organizes, in sum, various tours of Iran. The society will certainly be happy to show you to the best sites in Iran. 

Onbird Phu Quoc Island Insider

Onbird organises daily soft-adventure tours such as snorkeling, free-diving, sea-kayaking, spearfishing, sailing and sup in Phu Quoc Island, the largest tropical island of Vietnam. OnBird team has kept investing time and effort into discovering hidden spots to design distinct as well as touristy-avoiding routes with the proper timing for tourists to explore the hidden beauty of a wild Phu Quoc Island.

Prasan Bhattarai from Travel Umpire

Travel Umpire provides information about Nepal. Expert in both culture and history tour. Trekking and also hiking. Eco-tourism, jungle safari and even pleasure tours. Then, enjoy the most perfect trip for Nepal.

Collaborators from Africa

Max Nyawira from Azari Africa Safaris

With experience in the African wilderness for over 10 years, Azari Afrika Safaris is a well-established tour company in Kenya. Azari strives to provide excursionists with a once-in-a-lifetime Safari experience all across Africa. 

Gabriel Elibariki from Foot Slopes Tours & Safaris 

Foot Slopes Tours Tanzania Safari offered by best Tanzania safari tour operators. So enjoy a world-class vacation in Tanzania. Custom safari tours to fit all budget, in sum.

Natalie and Siguy from Holiday in Seychelles

Holiday in Seychelles is a site dedicated to all things Seychelles. Knowing first-hand what our beautiful tropical islands have to offer, we are eager to share this with the world. We hope to inspire you to visit this stunning island paradise and discover paradise on earth.

Ali Gordon from The Jack Rose Hotel

 Believing that there is the need to focus on good news rather than bad, experienced editor, researcher and journalist – Ali Gordon, concentrates on sourcing information about leisure and entertainment in South Africa. Now based in Johannesburg as Marketing & Tourism Consultant for The Jack Rose – an affordable, three-star hotel in Rosebank, Ali can hone your travel experiences to suit your individual needs. 

Paola Maria Rossi from Viaggi Organizzati in Marocco

Viaggi Organizzati in Marocco is a service company for tourism in Morocco, born from the passion to visit and tell the Kingdom of Morocco. Organized trips in Morocco, collaborates with other local companies, forming a winning team, to guarantee the excellent success of tours or excursions in Morocco.

Collaborators from Americas

Alexandre Dufault 

For as long as I can remember, I have dreams of traveling around the world. Today more than ever, I find myself in the ideal situation to pursue my dream. To earn a living via my travel ventures. Then share my travels with you, my readers.

Andrea Hunt from Andrea Hunt – expat & life coach

Andrea Hunt has been a solo traveler for nearly 25 years and has lived in the US, UK, China, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Argentina. She is an online transformational life coach & EFT practitioner; you can find her articles on her blog with a range of personal growth, expat, and travel topics every month. 

Sandy Ruyack from Boulevards and Byways

Sandy Ruyack, writer of the popular adventure travel blog Boulevards and Byways, introduces readers to transformative travel experiences and off-the-beaten-path-adventures. Her stories and photographs reflect her love of travel to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and elsewhere around the world. 

Michael Zlotnitsky from iGuide Tours

iGuide Tours offers multilingual tour guiding services, based on its published itineraries as well as customized tours personalized for group’s interest! iGuide Tours offers travelers to choose from its published, existing itineraries or request a custom designed tour, while taking into account the specific interests of the traveler. 

Jerry Isaac from Isaac Tours

Isaac Tours combines the best attractions of paradise in a truly enchanted country. Isaac Tours offers tours, transportation and also nature walks. Life investments and also real estate in the Dominican Republic.

Sue King and Theresa Adams from Journey Junkies

Collaborators from United States. 

Edson Chacon from Kindle Journeys

Kindle Journeys, in sum, is a travel company committed to achieving its mission. “Provide unique travel experiences and also unique moments. Promote finally the search for transcend”.

Kevin and Tina from Retirestyle Travel

Retirestyle Travel is a blog for older travellers, generation x, baby boomers, senior citizens & retirees who want to retire in style, love travel, want to become snowbirds, or want to retire abroad. Retirestyle Travel’s website has travel inspiration and information as well as poetry, articles about healthy living & retirement, and detailed travel guides for Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Mariken Zuydgeest from Story Away From Home

Netherlandish travel blogger, in short. Mariken lives in Toronto, Canada. She lives with her husband and also their three children.

Angelica and Cristian from Terra Sur Travels

Terra Sur Travels has strong trust that cultural diversity is a driving force for development, not only in terms of economic growth but also as means of having a more enriching intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life.

Fabio González from Walled City of Cartagena

Tourism agency with presence in the city of Cartagena and its surroundings. Offer tourism services with excellent quality and complying with the biosafety protocol established by the Colombian government in resolution 1443 of August 24, 2020. 

Collaborators from Europe

Guiding Group

The Guiding-Group comprises a network of four companies- itour City Guide GmbH, iGuide Media GmbH, Initree Software GmbH and Smart Streaming Solutions- with their respective expertise in the areas of hardware, software and content production. They are developinf solutions for real-time voice transmission on city walking tours, on river and ocean cruises, in museums, and at conferences. 

D. Marino and J. Malley from Make Them All Trips of a Lifetime

They are full-time media professionals who have been bitten by the travel bug and were designated to explore. They hope they can inspire (and help you) to take the plunge and plan your very own Trip of a Lifetime, or at the very least, they hope you can enjoy their installments and live vicariously through their travels.

Paul James from Recipes From My Travels

Recipes From My Travels promotes and advertises businesses in the hospitality. The site promotes tourism industry worldwide. Also, they love to work with individuals and companies. In order to help them to set up and progress further.  

Raquel Fernandez from Silleraviajera

Silleraviajera is a travel blog of a girl with reduced mobility. Raquel likes to discover the world and especially its accessibility, in sum. 

Shebs Alom from Shebs the Wanderer

Shebs is the Founder and Director of Shebs the Wanderer LTD and he is even the host of a travel podcast, ‘Take a Wanderer with Shebs‘ which can be seen on his YouTube channel and all major podcast platforms.

Becca Arlington from  Travelling the World in 360

Travelling the World in 360 is a travel blog by Becca Arlington to document her travels around nineteen countries, which she feels fortunate enough to have completed prior to the pandemic. She hopes to inspire other travellers with tips, interesting information, photos and 360° virtual tours. 

Maribel and Pedro Jesús Martinez Márquez from Trípode de Viaje

Extremaduran couple living in Madrid. In essence, they report their personal experiece about the places they have visited.  

Charley Allison from Undaunted Adventure

Undaunted Adventure is a travel blog run by Charley from the UK. It’s a space to share travel experiences from across the globe, travel tips and tricks, and destination guides; And hopefully it will inspire someone to try something new, push themselves out of their comfort zone, and live undaunted.

Esther Guglietta from Viajando por Asia

Viajando por Asia is a blog where the experiences lived in some countries of the Asian continent are collected. She began her journey in 2004 by visiting Vietnam, where the cultural and humanity clash caused such an enormous impact on the traveler that she has not been able to stop traveling through that continent.

Patrizia Ricagno from Villa Vetrichina

Villa Vetrichina was born as a country farm in 1700. It is in the charm of Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana. The proximity of the thermal waters make staying in this corner of Tuscany a unique experience. A place where you surely can find peace.

Francesco Falciani from Villa Vetrichina

Chef at the restaurant of Villa Vetrichina, in short.

Steven Kennedy from World Complete

Steve is the founder of World Complete; a travel blog that documents his attempts to visit every corner of the globe… eventually. Through detailed accounts, Steve hopes to pass on helpful hints and tips to other travellers planning their next adventure. 

Collaborators from Oceania

Lindsay Vine from The Travel Vine

 Lindsay, the owner of the travel blog, is an ex-pat living on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales, Australia. When she’s not dreaming about her next adventure, you’ll find her with a camera in hand, exploring her local area or road tripping with her young family. 

Jamie Boucher from Bristolian Abroad

English travel blogger and also sports blogger. He bring you informative guides, advice and further deals. From the best of Australia, New Zealand and beyond. He finally combine quality content with quality photo. In detail, to bring you real-world experiences and finally insights.

The Voyagers Voice team would like to thank for their valuable contribution: